Art student Paul Moon (Anthony Shim) has never heard of crystal meth but when he meets Jay, a charismatic drug dealer who convinces him to try it, they form an instant bond and a playful invincibility that neither could find in their banal day-to-day lives.

The two boys go on a binge they call an adventure, riding every rail and transcending reality. The lines between running and chasing are blurred and the people they encounter get uglier. When the drugs run out, reality sets in and the nightmare begins.


Film Genre


Written & Directed By

Kate Twa

Produced By

Kate Twa
Ronan Reinart

Technical Information

Original Language: English
Shooting Format: 2K Digital
Colour: sRGB
Exhibition Format: 2K DCP
Runtime: 1:34
Audio: Dolby 5.1


Anthony Shim
Joey Pierce
James Pizzinato
Ashley Whillans
Jordana Largy
Lynda Boyd
Grace Park
William MacDonald
Tahmoh Penikett
Ryan McDonald
JR Bourne

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Director's Statement

Gods of Youth is inspired by many true stories. We researched kids and crystal meth for six months before we began rehearsal.

We interviewed police officers, addicts, ex-addicts, hospice workers, parole officers, psychiatrists, and councilors. We struck gold with Lee Mason, and ex-addict who is currently a First Nations drug and grief councilor (Lee is also in the film). We met BJ Chute and Trevor Zechel two wonderful paramedics who coached us on the physical effects of speed and shared many stories regarding the alarming number of kids doing it. Those numbers are staggering and with Gods of Youth we wanted to explore why. We rehearsed for another six months to develop story, characters and relationships. The core actors in the film are also students of mine so we were able to utilize our strong relationship and work in our own studio. We rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed. By the time we went to camera our ensemble was so strong that is is no wonder people have commented that it doesn't look or feel like acting. Our work combined with Ronan Reinart's visual and technical ability catapulted us out of our tiny black room and into the world of Gods of Youth.

-Kate Twa, Director